Whether a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist, Cambridge Academy is here for you. We are community-based club, with a mission. Our mission is to open up the martial arts and combat sports to the widest range of people.

First, you may need to decide what you want from martial arts training:
- Do you want to improve your fitness?
- Are you mainly interested in self-defence?
- Do you want to try something new and meet new people?
- Are you looking for a weekly activity? or a way of life?
- Do you want to enter competitions and/or test for higher ranks in a system?
- Do you have other reasons for trying out martial arts?

If you are unsure which class(es) to try, and you would like to talk with one of the instructors, you are welcome to call, email or drop in to any of our sessions. They will be able to discuss your needs and interests, tell you more about our training programmes and our popular introductory courses in martial art and kickboxing for adults.